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Hott Summer Nights The Movie: Highlights from Marmoset's MusicFest Party 2012

What happens when you mix 14 of our favorite bands and artists, 4 DJs, and some of the best food and beer Portland has to offer? Magic. That's what happens. And what a way to close out MFNW weekend. Our pals Robbie Augspurger and Adam Souza created this vignette highlighting what we fondly refer to as Hott Summer Nights 2.0. Big shout out to all of our friends and family - Violetta, Sizzle Pie, Ninkasi, Upright Brewing, Burnside Brewing, Eleven Magazine, Stumptown Coffee, Beacon Sound, Factory North and of course Rontoms for helping us make this a reality.

Lots of virtual hugs and kisses for all that came out.