Tune into Travel Podcast 'On She Goes'


Technical to wishful to-dos cloud a traveler’s mind when preparing to trek abroad (or even domestically). But there’s even more to deliberate when it comes to traveling as a woman of color.

In the popular On She Goes podcast, the show’s creators explore the importance of stepping outside the patterns of everyday life, to confidently navigate new places and experiences without reservation. Acknowledging there is no such thing as a singular travel experience, the storytellers put forth their varying accounts, making the podcast feel first and foremost like a steadfast community.

On the journal, readers will find a range of every kind of wanderlust topic fathomable; from on-the-go skincare regime to unpacking Nicole Dennis-Benn’s novel Here Comes the Sun — literature centered around the exploited nature of tourism labor. The podcast doesn’t shy away from casting a wide net of interests, rendering opportunities for novice travelers to gain inspiration from, to be openly curious about. It’s content that feels like a snowball gaining momentum — for women of color to share their travel experience means others feel empowered to do so too.

Like “On She Goes” reminds us in their messaging, the heart of the show is rooted in the same mission as the “We Belong Here” movement, to make space for marginalized voices and presences — paramount for garnering inclusivity, diverse and safer places.

Listening through the series, listeners will also encounter an array of music licensed through Marmoset. Naturally, inspired by the empowering and authentic realness of On She Goes, we decided to curate a mixtape that nods to the music found throughout the very series. Go ahead and listen — and don’t forget to tune into more chapters of the unfolding podcast. Happy listening!

Stay tuned for a special interview with the podcast’s creator, Serita Wesley. Coming soon.