New Songs for Music Licensing: September's New Music Mix


September’s New Music Mixtape is the magic formula of pop, electronic, RnB and a little vintage. It sets the stage for all content creating needs — who said you had to be at the mercy of a huge budget and endless hours of searching before you could license popular music?

Finding songs for commercial use shouldn’t be a pain, it’s why our music licensing and A&R teams spend hours upon hours curating custom mixtapes just for you — because licensing music should be quick, easy and pain-free.

Coming in hot is Septembers New Music Mixtape. From the undeniably catchy pop tune of “Bring it Back” by Kali J. to vintage gems like “Ascot Shuffle” by Big Bo and the Arrows, sample this sweet mix of September’s new music.

After checking September’s New Music Mix, check out BOSS’s “Suit Challenge” campaign, featuring music by Marmoset artists like Kamandi and True Ripper; circulating on Instagram and other social channels, they’re golden examples of using music in videos.

Posted on September 12, 2019 and filed under Music, Mixtapes, Music Licensing.