Shared Work: Films that Remind Us to Adventure

Few things are as restorative and inspiring as adventuring around somewhere outside. The filmmakers behind these videos know all about this, and you can see it in their beautifully-made short films below. From passion projects to brand videos, the great outdoors has never looked so good. Enjoy.

Pioneer by Josh Brine

Featured Marmoset Artist: Sunne

This video by Portland-based filmmaker and Only Today Creative Director, Josh Brine, celebrates adventure and exploration. Shot during a trip to the Faroe Islands in between Iceland and Denmark, this passion project features a delicate, emotional track by Marmoset artist, Sunne, set to stunning wide shots and rapid cuts of the lush waterfalls, villages, lakes, the ocean, and adorable puffins found throughout his journey.

The Process by Jesse Hoffman

Featured Marmoset Music: “Gabriel” by Kevin Matley

Why do we go to the mountains? That’s the essential question behind this video by filmmaker Jesse Hoffman, set to the track “Gabriel” by Marmoset artist, Kevin Matley. Cello and piano delicately weave their way in and out of these gorgeous black and white shots, slowly building to an ascending ending that encourages feelings of wonder and majesty at the peace that comes from time spent in the mountains.


Featured Marmoset Music: "A River’s Journey" by Todd Hannigan, "Illuminate" and "Skylight" by The Earth and Arrow

The team over at Yeti Cycles once again showcases another incredible outdoor journey, this time centered on the mountain bikers who find solace when riding around the canyons and plateaus of the Southwest. Riders Joey Schusler and Michael Larsen dodge cliff edges and cacti on their bikes, set to a soundtrack of post rock, cinematic guitar goodness provided by Marmoset artist, The Earth and Arrow. But you don’t need to be a bike rider to enjoy -- admiring the expansive landscape and slow-to-fast-motion shots should be more than enough to remind you of the nostalgia of sleeping under the stars and playing around in the sun.

Posted on August 10, 2016 and filed under Shared Work.