Staff Picks: Tim Shrout's Autumn Playlist


Some days, between all of the producing, it can be hard to catch Marmoset Original Music Producer, Tim Shrout to hear 1) thoughtful reviews about the best pizza in town, always and 2) what’s been playing through his headphones outside of wrapping magical production feats every day. That’s why we asked him to pull together a playlist with some of his favorite Marmoset songs of late. And as the days are getting shorter, the leaves are getting sparser, and the impending 8 month rainfall is looming over Portland, it’s hardly a surprise that Tim’s playlist centered around a theme: autumn.

“I'm really drawn to the production and tones on these, and something about them feels appropriate for the transitional autumn days we've been having in Portland recently,” Tim says. “The second half of the mixtape is all instrumental, slower, and more sparse. I'm drawn to these songs as I think about the weather getting colder, experiencing fewer daylight hours, and a general sense of turning inward as we move through fall and into winter.”

From the light and playful instrumentation of Lapland’s “Where Did It Go” to the calm, meandering electric guitar of “Melted Crystal (Instrumental)” by Kikagaku Moyo, and more, sit back, relax and let this mellow soundtrack carry you through the fall season.

Posted on November 3, 2017 and filed under Music.