Introducing: A Snapshot of Early Rock Music with Little Richard

In the late ‘40s, a young Richard Wayne Penniman sang in his church’s gospel choir, unaware that he would become Little Richard, a musical icon that would help introduce rock 'n’ roll to the world. Rising from his gospel roots, Little Richard began his career traveling with various bands, contributing his vocal talent. When he ventured out as a soloist, his impassioned vocals and high-register pitches separated him from other singers, along with his charisma when performing — running on and off stage, lifting one leg as he played the piano, and dressing in colorful capes and sequined blouses. His eccentric style, heart-racing blues piano, and unique vocals molded the genre to make way for artists such as Elvis Presley, who built upon the blues and accentuated the rock n’ roll. 

The hit vocalist brought a group of musicians together in the 1970, forming The Little Richard Band. In a fusion of jazz, funk and rock, the band produced classics such as “Tutti Frutti” all while developing a catalog of their own music, sans Little Richard's vocals.

From the playful piano and pumped vocals of Little Richard's classic, "Dew Drop Inn" to the funky flourishes of The Little Richard Band's "Working Hard," we are humbled to add both artists to the Marmoset roster, offering a snapshot of early days of rock 'n' roll. 

Posted on August 4, 2017 and filed under Music.