Genre Spotlight: Electropop


When tapping into the electronic genre, there are nearly unlimited avenues you can go down. Have you ever heard of Electroclash? What about Moombahton? That’s okay — this mixtape isn’t about those. Instead, we’re taking some time to focus on the pop side to electronic music, heavy on billowing, shimmering, synth-y goodness, big drum machine beats and undeniably infectious choruses.

Our A&R Team searched through our roster of artists to curate a handpicked list with some of the best and brightest electropop music out there. Hear for yourself in the bouncy, youthful “White Hot Heart” by Mint Julep, the pumped beats of Patternist’s “Far From Now” or the retro synth notes of The Boy and Sister Alma’s “Brightly." Great for fashion projects, event coverage or just your own one-person dance party, these electropop gem are sure to inspire. 

Posted on October 11, 2017 and filed under Music.