Album Watch: Gold Casio's 'Fever Dreams'


It’s true -- some genres of music never go out of style. Portland’s four-piece psychedelic disco band, Gold Casio, takes full advantage of this. Bringing together the dance floor rhythms of nu-disco acts like Holy Ghost and the fun, idiosyncratic attitude of groups like Of Montreal, you can trace a few of Gold Casio’s inspirations -- but they add their own unique style to their debut EP, Fever Dreams. With bold dance beats, shimmering synths and alternating male and female vocals, this new album is dripping with gold.

Portlanders Ela Ra, Forrest Grenfell, Brock Grenfell and George Schultz form Gold Casio, delivering emotional truths in the form of high energy songs about being young and free. Their music is the meeting point between bright, upbeat energy and an outer space experience -- a feeling perfectly captured in their latest music video “Last Song,” which is brought to life through chopped video segments and bright colors. In an interview with Billboard, Forrest Grenfell explains: "It is a declaration to ‘leaving it all behind’ and the pursuit of self-truth, which is a present theme throughout the EP. I rarely write lyrics that are this literal, but in this case they ring true."  

Full of creative flare, we are happy to have Gold Casio as part of our Marmoset community and to represent Fever Dreams, released today.

Posted on June 23, 2017 and filed under Music.