New Album Watch: 'Wake' by Dobsy


Some days, waking up is hard to do. Blaring alarm clocks, bright lights, and the promise of another late night soaking in local shows can be enough to make anyone want to press snooze and sleep for another 5 minutes...or 30. Luckily, this week we found a solution in the form of the sweeping ambient soundscapes crafted by Dobsy, on his newest release, Wake.

Floating along on imaginative synth melodies, steady beats and hazy electric guitar notes, the album itself is like a gentle awakening — capturing the feeling of wonder while taking a brisk cold walk at night with beautiful city lights in the distance, driving through the desert after the first rain in a while, or just starting anew. 

“Wake comes from a season and place of realization of the important things in life and becoming alive in the pursuit of dreams and passions,” Dobsy says of the album's release. “It is the awareness of new things; Realizing and moving on from the fraudulent staleness that surrounds us.”

Evoking imagery of nature and beauty, Wake will leave you feeling relaxed, inspired and ready to take on the day (or week, or month, or year…). Listen to the full album here and check out Dobsy’s full discography below.

Posted on September 15, 2017 and filed under Music.