Show Preview: Experimental Psych-Noir with Clawfoot Slumber

Clawfoot Slumber is a band with a vision. Based out of Portland, Oregon, the trio formed in 2010, and has since been steeping their mysterious, post-folk ballads and slow-burning psychedelic rock in a heavy dose of noir inspiration. 

You can catch their cinematic sound turning into picture at their upcoming video premiere show for their song, “Morality’s Whip,” this Friday, May 26 at Portland’s Bunk Bar. The video for the song, off of their upcoming LP, The Stars Within You Beckon to be Carried Forth from the Dark, weaves a tale of tension and mystery -- not unlike the film noir and psychological thrillers of the '50s and '60s.  

"We all collaboratively decided on a theme of film noir, but experimental film noir," says Erin LaCerra, who plays synth and piano for the group (and also holds down the fort here at Marmo HQ as our Studio Manager). "We looked for inspiration from directors like Maya Deren and Wes Anderson. Even a little bit of that film noir mystery, like “Is someone going to die here?” kind of Alfred Hitchcock/Rear Window or something.”

Directed by local filmmaker, Devin Febbroriello in collaboration with LaCerra and band founder Alex Callenberger, the short film also features costuming by local Portland shop, Cargo, and performance dance by Kya Bliss of PDX Dance Collective. 

“I always like to partner with different groups, companies, friends, bands, whatever, because I think that it’s always better to work together and make something even bigger than we could do on our own," LaCerra says. 

In advance of their performance and video premiere tomorrow, check out Clawfoot Slumber’s full songography below and enjoy. 

Clawfoot Slumber, Megan Diana, Young Elk

Friday, May 26th at 9pm

Bunk Bar, 1028 SE Water Ave.

Portland, OR 97214


Posted on May 25, 2017 and filed under Music.