Music You’ll Never Skip in January


While entering a new year doesn’t grant us immediate immunity from the trailing politics of last year, we’re staying hopeful by celebrating the small victories — focusing on the horizon of new and brighter things like our community, diversity in music, coming together in the name of art. So whether you’re heading straight into a dozen new projects in need of new music or seeking out emerging artists that challenge the structures of genres, here’s a list of brand new music we’re excited for this month.


Orquestra Pacifico Tropical’s genre can be defined as Word/Rock, their music expansive and encompassing of Central to South America’s cumbia presence. A combination of instrumental and vocal song versions, the musical group delivers high energy, frenzied rhythms and Latin percussions. // Listen here.



Experimental, dreamy electric pop — Mïrändä’s creations exude a coolness that’s reminiscent of the Scandinavian pop core movement (think Tove Lo and Robyn). Equipped with years of music producing experience, Mïrändä’s music presents the ups and downs of romance in a vibrant neon glory, guiding listeners straight to the dance floor. Confidence and mood boosting synth pop, Mïrändä is the visionary we’re excited to follow. // Listen here.

Duncan Burnett


Hip-hop artist, Duncan Burnett raps over complex, distorting electronic synths. A cultivation of verses calling on spirituality and heeding one’s purpose, Burnett has been coined as a visionary within his craft. The artist’s collection of work is anthemic, a summation of piercing self-expressionism while paying respects to musical predecessors. // Listen here.

Braden the Young


Dance-worth electronic pop, Braden the Young’s music dishes dreamy, moody pop. Listeners and fans of Halsey and Charlotte Lawrence will want to dig into the Braden the Young’s electrifying sound all about living young and free. // Listen here.

Posted on January 22, 2019 and filed under Marmoset, Music, Spotlight: Artists.