Find Music for Videos Like a Pro


From iconic film soundtracks — to the catchy song derailing your plans of skipping that ad on YouTube — it’s quintessential proof that music can either grab or lose someone’s attention quicker than you reaching the end of this sentence.

And just like your next big idea or project taking the right amount of forethought, so should your plan for finding the right music. Lucky for you, Marmoset’s roster of music has something for every project’s creative (and technical) demands. We’ve got three tips to keep in mind when when you are trying to find music for videos.


Steer clear of creative sabotage by budgeting for a project’s music needs way before beginning the song searching phase. Trying to find music for videos and then license a song you’ve fallen in love with while working with a few pennies remaining is heartbreaking for everyone involved.

While Marmoset’s music licensing team can work their magic on projects with the tightest of budgets, our aim is to ensure the artist — who’s ultimately providing the song of choice — walks away with a fair share for the song’s use.

Understanding the project’s terms (where it’s being shared/distributed and details like its timeline) is a good start toward finding and securing your dream music. Questions? Get in touch with our team and we’ll walk you through some options.


While the Marmoset music catalog is curated by an expert team who understands music trends (especially when it comes to licensing), you might still need a little extra creative support when considering which music to license.

If you’re trying to find music for videos, utilizing the search tool and filters on the Marmoset search page is step in the right direction, but if you’re still feeling slightly overwhelmed, head over to the Marmoset mixtapes section.

Created by Marmoset’s music licensing coordinators, creatives and A&R team, these mixtapes are music collection gold. They’re compiled and curated with you in mind. From electro funk, vintage soul to songs with a lot of bass — you’ll find music collections for videos that we think will catch your attention too.


Music that packs an emotional punch at all the right moments is half the battle when choosing music in your video. Sure, a song in its standalone state might sound amazing but it has to pair perfectly to picture once edited together with the actual video content. If you’re running into roadblocks after finding an almost perfect song but can’t get it to seamlessly fit with your video, you’re not out of luck; Marmoset offers a wide variety of customizable music that we can further tailor to your needs.

When searching for a song on the search page, select “customizable” in the filter settings and type in your song search keywords — all the shown results will be customizable friendly!


Or if you’re contacting our creative licensing team to find music for videos, simply mention you’re interested in options that support customizability and we’ll get to work!

Learn more about customization here to get started.

Posted on April 3, 2019 and filed under Marmoset, Music, Music Licensing, Education.