Artist Profile Series: Matthew Logan Vasquez

When we listen to our favorite artists, we get lost in the music. We’re swept away by the lyrics that inspire us and the unique sound that got us hooked in the first place. With this in mind, it can be easy to forget that our beloved performers have lives off the stage, outside of making incredible music and bringing down the house. Our Marmoset community is full of mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, best friends -- and sometimes, those identities are reflected in their music.

Next in our Artist Profile Series is a perfect example of a loving father who also happens to perform rad music: lead vocalist of indie rock band Delta Spirit, member of folk rock trio Middle Brother, and recent solo artist, Matthew Logan Vasquez. We got a glimpse of a fun-filled day with Vasquez and his two year old son, Thor, in their hometown of right outside of Austin, Texas. Narrated through a heartfelt letter to Thor, Vasquez speaks to the struggles of being away from family while touring and leaves Thor with a few reminders for while he is away. Grab a tissue, watch the short film below, and enjoy Matthew Logan Vasquez’s music here.

Posted on July 20, 2017 and filed under Artist Profile Series.