Introducing Marmoset's Artist Profile Series Featuring Jose Medeles of 1939 Ensemble

For most artists, music isn’t simply something they “do” -- it’s a way of life, the reason why they get up in the morning, and the thing that helps them sleep at night. When we bring artists into our community, we’re not only welcoming their music, but their unique stories, struggles and successes. We are inspired by our artists everyday and thrilled to share their stories with you in our new Artist Profile series.

Kicking off the series is Jose Medeles of Marmoset artist, 1939 Ensemble, and the founder of Revival Drum Shop based here in Portland, Oregon. We followed Jose through a day in the life, as he shared his journey from his early days as river kid in La Salle, Illinois to touring with The Breeders and owning his own drum shop. See the short film below and listen to 1939 Ensemble’s full songography here.

Posted on May 4, 2017 and filed under Music, Artist Profile Series.