Music for Filmmakers — the Mixtape for Your Next Soundtrack


Finding the right movie background music for your film can be stress-free, especially when you’re licensing popular music from Marmoset (that’s right, we said it). As experts in curating music around every theme, genre and mood, we’re always brainstorming ways to make it easier on filmmakers looking to use music in video.

From dishing the best best undiscovered songs for commercial use, to tapping into songs parallel to Billboard hits, delivering the best songs for music licensing is our mission.

Each week, our A&R team curates new mixtapes for our clients (and for filmmakers like you) — this week, they’re giving us a peek into this month’s “Music for Filmmakers” mixtape. From raw blues rock vibes to electro and synth pop, this mixtape delivers on every front.

Hit play to discover music for the perfect soundtrack and stay tuned for future “Music for Filmmakers” mixtapes!