Coke Snags Marmo-beats for Summer Snapchat Series

Watermelon, ice cold Coca-Cola and blistering heat are all things that remind us of sweet, sweet summertime and the simplicity of youth. In their latest Snapchat campaign, Coke pairs these universal trademarks of summer with a handful of upbeat and refreshing tracks, creating a nostalgic connection that leaves viewers thirsting for summertime -- all in under 10 seconds.

It makes sense that Coke has taken to Snapchat, the fastest growing social media platform and third most popular social network among millennials for their latest project. With more than 150 million daily users, Snapchat has quickly become an advertising mecca for both small and big brands alike. And unlike a television spot, Snapchat only allots 10 seconds per advertisement, forcing directors to maximize their screen time.

This search for the perfect 10-second marriage of image and sound has opened the door to a new realm of advertising where music -- not dialogue -- is the focus, broadening the scope of opportunity for indie artists to have their work shared. We’re excited to be a part of Coke’s “Taste Of Summer” and "Beat the Heat" summer Snapchat series, serving up a refreshing dose of nostalgia with a side of modern beats.

Check out the videos below to hear some fresh Marmoset tracks -- “All the People” by 60 Cycles, “Summer People” by OKKAH and "Lorane" by Marmoset -- set to timeless scenes of summertime. Enjoy!

Posted on August 19, 2016 and filed under Shared Work.