Launching New Record Label, Infinite Companion


Remember the era of making mixtapes or burning CDs for your pals? Yeah, we kind of miss those days too. The thrill of finding music you couldn’t wait to share, then compiling songs into perfect order.

The music itself was great, but sharing it was even better.

Because it wasn’t just about passing along a song, it was an invitation to dig into something with each other. It’s pretty much how we feel in announcing our new record label, Infinite Companion — an artist collective where unabashed individuality, diversity and damn good music live together under the same roof.  

We’ve already kicked things off by inviting Pure Bathing Culture, OMA and Frankie Simone to our label’s roster. We’ve even made a special mixtape featuring their music. Call us nostalgic, but we just wanted to share it with our friends.

Posted on April 26, 2019 and filed under Marmoset, Infinite Companion, Music Licensing, Music.