Create Your Own Music Adventure


Sometimes choosing which creative route a project needs musically can seem endless — questions like does this audio need some sound design work to how can I get this song to heighten specific moments are all important to consider. Because if your music isn’t working to enhance visuals, it’s probably distracting or worse, losing the audience’s attention.

It’s time to get creative and reach out to Marmoset’s music team; we’re always down to help find the right music for even the most challenging of projects. Whether it’s scouring the Marmoset artist roster or creating an original score in-house, the possibilities are endless. Which is why we’re inviting you to come along on the Marmoset music adventure.

Weave through a slew of creative decisions as you face a tight deadline on your upcoming project. If you run into a dead-end, just try again! See you on the other side.

Create Your Own Adventure is best played on a desktop or laptop device

You’re the last one in the office working on a project that your boss just handed off to you. It’s a big one and you’re searching for a song that will help tie everything together. You’re on the Marmoset search page and start applying filters but you’re getting stuck. You…


Illustrations by Kale Chesney — depicted above: Stevie and Rick, beloved Marmoset dogs