Doing Great Things in 2019


A new year, a new start.

But first, let’s take one last long hard look back to 2018 (and every other year leading up to it) where Marmoset has donated 10% of the largest license for each month to the non-profits and organizations we’ve partnered with — groups such as My Voice My Music, KairosPDX, Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls are making a difference with their platforms, cultivating environments that positively impact, influence and strengthen their communities.

And so we capped off the year proud to be involved with so many amazing groups doing spectacular work for social justice, education, the environment… and the list goes on.

While a drum roll isn’t really required, we are a music agency after all so…

Marmoset Original Music Licensing Film YouTube Vimeo

The total number of donations Marmoset put forth into the community in 2018 alone comes to a grand total of $69,154. This number isn’t just about donations, it’s about seeing the good it impacts — the hardworking people behind each organization on the other end, it’s about realizing we’re all connected in this short-lived but amazing game of life and why not do what we can to help where we can?

Leading up to the close of 2018, we appreciated being in a position that granted us this privilege of partaking in this journey alongside our community. If anything, the caring nature extends deep to the core of who we are, Marmoset employees individually adopting three families through The Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO).

Lastly, we were overjoyed to support Kairos in crossing their ‘donation matching’ finish line. With the education non-profit reaching 10k in donations just in December, we proudly matched this number, getting them to the 20k mark. Through the Willamette Week Give!Guide initiative, Kairos finished strong at generating $26,301 in total donations.

And with this, we’re amped up, ready for more. Ready to roll up our sleeves for another year of giving back.

Posted on January 8, 2019 and filed under Community, Marmoset, Music.