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Searching for Lunch: A Sandwich Session with Eric Nordby and Kat Olsen

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Marmoset’s trusty Music Supervisors don’t take much of a break from working wonders in pairing music to film — unless lunch is involved. Luckily, our senior Marmo fam, Eric Nordby and Kat Olsen, happened to have a panini press and a live basil plant laying around when we pulled them away from their headphones to discuss cat Instagrams, hot sauce, and Kat's band, Rilla in our latest Sandwich Session.

Learn more about this duo's favorite projects and who would win in a Jenga battle royale below, and enjoy.  

Posted on August 29, 2017 and filed under Sandwich Session.

Secret Rooms and Waffles: A Sandwich Session with OMFGCO

Over the years, we’ve been honored to work with some pretty exceptional people full of ingenious creativity. Two of these people are the founders of the Portland-based agency OMFGCO, who continuously blow our minds with their branding campaigns that not only look fantastic but stick with you.

In our latest Sandwich Session, we visited their incredible space, chatted about some very important questions and, of course, made some waffles. Get to know more about OMFGCO co-founders Fritz Mesenbrink and Jeremy Pelley, their secret meditation room behind a bookcase and which of the Seven Dwarfs most speaks to their heart. 

Posted on August 1, 2017 and filed under Sandwich Session.

Anchovies + “Iris”: A Sandwich Session with Dan Sheron of Balto

At Marmoset, we are continuously amazed by our artist community, made up of incredible, hardworking musicians from all over the world. Dan Sheron is one of them, constantly playing, touring, and creating music with his roots/rock band, Balto. A friend of Marmoset since 2013, we’ve gotten to know Dan pretty well over the years. But little could have prepared us for his answers on the latest Sandwich Session, which sees the singer and guitarist construct the fishiest, brine-iest sandwich we have yet to come across -- and casually nod to his connection to the ‘90s remake of Village of the Damned. Learn more about Dan, his karaoke song of choice and his favorite Balto song below.

Posted on June 16, 2017 and filed under Music, Sandwich Session.

Sandwich Meets Composer: A Sandwich Session with Graham Barton

With a sea of different projects on his plate on any given day, our in-house composer, Graham Barton, spends a lot of time closed away in the Marmo studio, writing song after song and helping creatives around the world bring their dream projects to life. We don’t know how he does it, but our recent Sandwich Session tells us there may be more than a little bit of sugar involved. With help of some marshmallow fluff and a palette of frosting, we lured Graham out of his studio to get answers to some important questions -- with a guitar solo on the side.

Posted on May 15, 2017 and filed under Sandwich Session, Marmoset.

Welcome to Half Court Studios: A Sandwich Session with The Sellons

We may be biased, but we tend to think some of the most amazing, creative and hilarious humans in the world exist right within our creative community. Husband and wife duo Ben and Katie Sellon are two of those humans. Ben, a photographer, and Katie, a producer extraordinaire, are an incredible pair that have teamed up to make Portland an even better place to be a creative. The power couple has recently cut the ribbon on their latest project, Half Court Studios, a shared production space meant to bring together Portland’s creative community and give life to projects that might have not been possible to make otherwise.

Tucked in an old warehouse in Portland’s Hollywood District, the space will soon be available for those with big dreams and a small budget -- aspiring filmmakers dreaming up their first project, independent musicians who want to make music videos, photographers working on an experimental passion project. Both with backgrounds as agency producers, The Sellons will keep Half Court’s engine running by hosting large-scale productions for commercial companies, allowing some wiggle room for low-budget and pro-bono projects. While it’s not officially open for a couple of weeks, we had the chance to visit Half Court to scope out the space and, more importantly, make some sandwiches. Meet Ben and Katie Sellon.

Posted on April 10, 2017 and filed under Sandwich Session, Marmoset.

Introducing Sandwich Sessions: Get to Know our Community

At Marmoset, we recently decided to combine the two things we love most -- our creative community and sandwiches. Okay, that might be dramatic, but we really like sandwiches.

The truth is, we would be nothing without our  community -- a collective of musicians, artists, songwriters, filmmakers and creatives, all with their own unique stories. They are the lifeblood of our company and the reason we do what we do. While we know all of the artists in our community are amazing at what they do, we realized that we don’t know the answers to the important questions, like: Tupac or Biggie? Whiskey or wine? Pickles or no pickles? So, we made it our mission to get to the bottom of these mysteries... one sandwich at a time.

Kicking off our first-ever Sandwich Session, meet Marmoset electro-pop artist, Portland native and thrift shopper extraordinaire, Susy Sun. Enjoy.

Posted on March 6, 2017 and filed under Sandwich Session, Marmoset.