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You're Welcome Here — Partnering Against Discrimination


Basic rights should be just that, inherently expected and granted to every individual. Because this isn’t the case and discrimination is still very much a reoccurring issue many face in their lives, any opportunity to stand together is a step toward progress.

Marmoset is partnering with other business and community leaders on Thursday April 25th, joining the annual Oregonians Against Discrimination Business Leaders luncheon (learn more here). Showing up means a renewed commitment in fostering a business we’re proud to see interacting with our community — because what happens inside the Marmoset walls stems outward to our artists, clients and collaborators.

The space and place serves as a reminder to do more while also celebrating workers’ rights milestones. So whether you’re someone we work with day in and day out or if you’re a new prospective connection, you’re welcome here at Marmoset.

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Music Night Fundraiser at Marmoset


A week focused on celebrating music and our community (check out the Portland Design Week event we hosted on Wednesday) can only properly be wrapped up with a good cause.

This Saturday April 13th, gather at Marmoset and join fellow education supporters for a memorable fundraiser; emphasis on fun. With proceeds going toward local education institute St. Andrew Nativity School, attendees will get a front row seat music experience — the night featuring a live performance of pop sensation, Frankie Simone.

The evening also includes a live auction for one of a kind experiences and amazing food & drinks. Show your support and RSVP by following the link below. See you there!

Marmoset presents Music Placement in Media


For Portland Design Week, Marmoset opened its doors to the music and film community, delving into the world of music placement in media. An expert panel of music supervisors including Morgan Rhodes, Megan Barbour and Brooke Wentz, the discussion revolved around the epicenter of music supervision — from their favorite upcoming artists to common misconceptions about what their day to day looks like (no it’s not all just pitching one song then kicking back over beers with the film crew).

While getting music rights is imperative for any music supervisor working in the TV & film industry, the panel echoed a core music supervision responsibility they all share: it’s not merely about finding music that brings the visuals to life but searching for songs that punctuate the director’s overall message without interference.


“My interest is always about serving the story,” says Morgan Rhodes, LA-based music supervisor. “I come from an indie film background, this is sort of how I got into the game; I don’t know what it took for that filmmaker to get to the point of having their film in festivals, so the last thing I want to do is throw my own agenda on it. Sometimes it’s a great song, but it might not be a great song for that moment. But if it is a great song while serving and carrying the moment, then that’s what I’m about.”

The topic of jumping through hoops of approval processes and music clearances inevitably come up, but there’s a larger pain point that each panel speaker has encountered too many times to count. Music supervisor, Brook Wentz echoes a passionate plea to the audience, specifically addressing the musical artists keen to explore the world of music licensing.


“If you want us to use your music, the number one thing you need to have is contact information that you actually respond to,” says Wentz. “If you’re not reachable, you’re not going to get the gig.”

Music supervisors unarguably are at the forefront of music discovery, their roles so closely entwined with how quickly an emerging artist’s can enter the spotlight of recognition. Apart from the hurdles of negotiating with copyright holders for bigger named artists, there’s a resounding commitment for finding and helping artists catch a break. It’s something that aligns with Marmoset’s mission when helping clients license music for video (or creating original music) — it’s the consciousness effort to do right by artists first and foremost, before all else.

“One of the things I really like about indie artists is they get placement,” Rhodes says. “They understand that it is sort of the new A&R — sync is a way to get noticed. You can get discovered in the blink of an episode.”

Missed this special community education event? Head over to our Facebook page to watch the recorded steam (learn about a music supervisors tool belt and how they search for new music) — don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletters for future community events like this one and we’ll catch you next time!

Marmoset's Music Community Education Event One Week Away


Design Week Portland is approaching quickly, which means we’re only a week away from opening our doors and kicking off the first Community Education Event of the year.

The event Sound Perspectives (learn more here), brings together a panel of industry experienced music supervisors and an audience full with musicians, filmmakers and creatives into one room. The discussion will revolve around the art of music placement in media, the panelists sharing their insider knowledge and experiences with those participating on this special evening.

Still need to RSVP? We got you covered. Head over to the Design Week Portland site to get moving — and don’t forget to peruse the rest of the week’s lineup.

Creatives of Color Collaborative: Dig into Music, Design & More


Marmoset is partnering with OMPA and Wieden + Kennedy to host Spring 2019’s Creatives of Collaborative. The community event aims to bring together designers, musicians, media artists and other professionals of color into a liberating space with a focus to connect and collaborate.

While networking is innately a component to the event, there’s a lot to uncover on the evening. With segments like the Mentor Corral (designated space for casual styled networking), Writing & Design Group Therapy (get feedback from an experienced Copywriter or Creative Director), attendees can even participate in something called Recruiters Row — an area that gives attendees face time with recruiters who are activity filling opportunities within their industries.

So what else can attendees expect? There will be a swag station (of course!) and Mundo Catering is dishing out local treats. Get your RSVP signed, sealed and delivered.


April 18th, 2019 — 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (PT)


224 NW 13th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209

Admission cost:


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Music Festival Frenzy: Don't Miss These Three Festivals

Music festival season is underway, which means it can be easy to let great lineups slip through the cracks.

We’re calling out three festivals that are either newly burgeoning, breaking into the mainstream scene or have been around for years but we’re just excited to attend. Check out our three picks below:


Women Sound Off

Kicking off with Women Sound Off Festival — 2019 is only the second year for this bufzzworthy and widely turned out event. A weekend long fest, WSO is an inclusive, empowering space for women to network, connect and collaborate. It’s the kind of festival that truthfully feels as though it should have already been in existence for decades — yet WSO being so successful in its first year and now highly anticipated, it’s proof that events like this are actually rare for womxn music industry professionals. We’re here for this kind of thriving and game-changing.


Treefort Music Fest

With a huge lineup of Marmoset artists performing at Treefort Music Festival this year, there’s no doubt where we’ll be during this week of March. As a certified B Corporation, Treefort also happens to represent a ton of great values, upholding and executing positive social and environmental impact, all while still proving it’s possible to have an epically fun time. Learn more about how Treefort i s setting the bar high for responsible festival-going etiquette here.


Pitchfork Music Festival

This will be the 14th annual festival for Pitchfork. Operating as an independently run festival, the musical event focuses on presenting festival goers with an affordable — for festival standard anyway — and chill. Equipped with an awesome lineup, the festival feels like a community coming together with their thoughtfully assembled forts on site like their book fort and renegade craft fair.

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