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Lullatone: the Artists Who Create Music out of Everything

A combination of imaginative and minimalist approach, Lullatone’s music masters the playful melody — their style of producing and recording music is just as interesting and forward thinking as the results.

With their latest release “Acorns” out today and now available for music licensing on the Marmoset catalog, we proudly present a special spotlight short film on Lullatone. Directed by filmmaker Josh Brine, Lullatone members, Shawn James Seymour and Yoshimi Tomida welcome viewers (and listeners) into their charming creative space located in Nagoya, Japan.

Watch to learn more about their story — from what inspires them, their unique and inspiring approach to music production and the a behind the scenes look at the making of “Acorns.”

In case you missed our special interview with Lullatone, click here to learn more about Lullatone.

Artist Spotlight: The Transcending Music of Sol Rising

Sol Rising Marmoset Artist Video.jpg

Music that can take you from place to place could be described as transformational, diversely designed. But what makes Sol Rising music feel transcending?

Appreciative of music as a powerful art form, Marmoset set out to tell the story behind this ranging and all encompassing music — what makes it so consistently magnetic to its listeners despite being played in a variety of environments and audiences.

Sol Rising's music can be heard in yoga studios across the globe, while the same music entices movement and dancing among festival-goers. Its uniqueness feels tied to its ability to jump the planes of what a listener needs, a puzzle piece that feels right depending on the expectations of the audience. 

The journey begins in Los Angeles, California, where Sol Rising creates and produces his music. Here, we follow his journey, opening on his purpose and mission through the work he creates. It's hard to find a place where you wouldn't be able to listen to Sol Rising — play to discover more. 

After watching, head over to our Instagram page and tag a friend for a chance to see Sol Rising at Wanderlust Festival. Hurry, contest ends soon!

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MUNNYCAT Takes LA by Storm

Marmoset's latest artist profile film captures the pulsating energy and electric boldness that is MUNNYCAT. The draw to the musical duo could be linked to their emergence within the Los Angeles scene — a decision they're pursuing full-steam ahead with the little midwest town of Youngstown, Ohio in their rearview mirror. 

With creative direction from Visual Content Director, Josh Brine, this short film unfolds MUNNYCAT's origins story. It's told from the two artists' perspectives — Khaled and Katianne being our West Coast guides as they party beneath the Hollywood sign. 

Their larger than life presence shining through, this short film feels like a mini-adventure spanning across the city. As we discover just how much music and production are embedded in MUNNYCAT's DNA, it's hard to imagine them doing anything other than making music; and it's even more difficult envisioning the duo living anywhere else, other than the bright and bustling city of Los Angeles. 

Nothing is off limits to the artist couple here. And with LA being their new stomping grounds — this is just the beginning. 

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Blossom: Owning Her Place in Music

Blossom Marmoset Artist Profile Series
Creating my music comes from an authentic place. It’s reflective of who I am, my roots, my story. My approach in music is with intentionality and purpose. It’s what I apply to all areas of my life. That’s where this genuineness comes into play: I want to be behind my music without any reservations.
— Blossom

Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Blossom was nurtured in music at a youthful age. Drawn to the calling of singing and dancing, her family soon enough had a large collection of her impromptu dance sessions in their living room — all captured on their VHS recorder. 

In her journey as a singer, songwriter, and performer, Blossom has dabbled in everything from playing steel drums to being in an R&B girl group in Los Angeles. While there isn't a clear A to B line of success, it was all the in-between that tells Blossom's story, leading to her arrival and emergence as the artist she is today. 

We're proud to feature Blossom as our second artist in our artist profile series for 2018. Check out the full film below and follow the link to more of Blossom's music. 

Artist Profile Series: Matthew Logan Vasquez

When we listen to our favorite artists, we get lost in the music. We’re swept away by the lyrics that inspire us and the unique sound that got us hooked in the first place. With this in mind, it can be easy to forget that our beloved performers have lives off the stage, outside of making incredible music and bringing down the house. Our Marmoset community is full of mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, best friends -- and sometimes, those identities are reflected in their music.

Next in our Artist Profile Series is a perfect example of a loving father who also happens to perform rad music: lead vocalist of indie rock band Delta Spirit, member of folk rock trio Middle Brother, and recent solo artist, Matthew Logan Vasquez. We got a glimpse of a fun-filled day with Vasquez and his two year old son, Thor, in their hometown of right outside of Austin, Texas. Narrated through a heartfelt letter to Thor, Vasquez speaks to the struggles of being away from family while touring and leaves Thor with a few reminders for while he is away. Grab a tissue, watch the short film below, and enjoy Matthew Logan Vasquez’s music here.

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Introducing Marmoset's Artist Profile Series Featuring Jose Medeles of 1939 Ensemble

For most artists, music isn’t simply something they “do” -- it’s a way of life, the reason why they get up in the morning, and the thing that helps them sleep at night. When we bring artists into our community, we’re not only welcoming their music, but their unique stories, struggles and successes. We are inspired by our artists everyday and thrilled to share their stories with you in our new Artist Profile series.

Kicking off the series is Jose Medeles of Marmoset artist, 1939 Ensemble, and the founder of Revival Drum Shop based here in Portland, Oregon. We followed Jose through a day in the life, as he shared his journey from his early days as river kid in La Salle, Illinois to touring with The Breeders and owning his own drum shop. See the short film below and listen to 1939 Ensemble’s full songography here.

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