TechTalk: Searching for Music Just Got Easier

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Imagine sifting through a vinyl collection, crates stack up haphazardly climbing toward the ceiling. Now imagine a juxtaposition of a neat 4 x 4 cubic shelving setup, where each unit neatly displays the artist name easily — alphabetical order heaven. The latter, while takes time and effort to achieve, is exactly what Marmoset envisions through its online catalog of music.

We remove the figurative room of dusty crates, providing a conducive system for searching and licensing music easily. And we wouldn’t be able to do it without our in-house Tech Team.

If new, dear reader, our ongoing TechTalk series provides updates and new releases by our steadfast developers. This week we’re covering the launch of Marmoset’s Search by Phrase function.

It Goes Something Like This…

Searching for a song but only able to recall lyrics from the song you’re looking for? You can now search by typing in lyrics (or by the title of a song if preferred) in the search bar. Once on Marmoset’s Browse page, enter the phrase or title in parentheses.

In the example below, we enter the phrase “I saw your colors all over me” — lyrics to Frankie Simone’s War Paint song.

Searching by these lyrics filter out unwanted results, producing one song result that contains this exact match of lyrics.

To view full lyrics to a song, searchers will first want to search for a song. Next, on the search results page, hover over the three vertical dots symbol on the right side of the page. Clicking this will produce several results such as Lyrics, Add to Favorites, Add to Mixtape — clicking on the Lyrics icon will result in a second window the song’s lyrics.*

*Some songs with vocals may not have a lyrics setting available this is due to some artists not submitting lyrics when adding their music to Marmoset’s roster.

Posted on October 24, 2018 and filed under MarmoLabs, TechTalk, Education, Music.