Marmoset Participates at Shades of Green

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As active members of our community, Marmoset isn't only focused on making advances in the music world — instead, we see the world as just that, a big place with an array of opportunities waiting for others to step in to make a difference. Being socially responsible and aware of our physical impact (hello, carbon footprint) means doing our part, not just twiddling our thumbs as others lead the way.

After all, we are an office of 50 or so employees of whom are operating busily from electronic devices; whether that means our onsite original music studio (guess how many electronic fueled instruments and gadgets are in there) or the everyday computers plugged into an outlet. 

Being responsibly energy-wise means a lot of things for Marmoset, it's not an easy feat as we continue to grow but it's something we can't choose to ignore. Doing our own part, like composting, using office lights sparingly in summertime (with great natural light, we really can't complain) and installing hand dryers in the bathroom to replace paper towel usage.

These elements pieced together in conjunction with our efforts toward creating a remarkable workplace for each Marmoset employee means looking at our mission from all angles. It's one of the many reasons we've decided to participate and speak at the upcoming Shades of Green forum (produced by Prism Point) on Wednesday, September 12th, 2018. Marmoset CEO and co-founder, Ryan Wines and other keynotes will dive into the topic of inclusivity and spotlighting hiring practices toward underrepresented individuals.

The initiative is a somewhat unique for Shades of Green as the program typically invites companies that contribute to the energy industry more directly. However, with Marmoset's initiatives toward building a progressive workplace (through how we impact our environment and workforce), the conversation will be anything but lackluster. 

"The mission of Shades of Green is to bring awareness to some of the actions that are needed to build diversity in the energy industry," says Linda Woodley, Principal and Senior Director. "This is the inaugural year for Forum and outreach has been extended throughout the industry to include energy regulators, HR professionals, program designers and implementers, marketing professionals, legal professionals and industry executives and legal professionals to name a few."    

With attendees traveling from across 20 different states, the event is expected to stir up a conversation for Portland's growing and evolving industries. And the conversation while tough, is overdue for Portland, a city where gentrification and urban changes are happening right now

We'll be showing up for our community, ready to speak on the topics we do understand while also seeking out knowledge for the areas we can do better. 

Join us for the forum on September 12th, 2018 in Portland, Oregon. Reserve your spot here and click here for more program details.

Posted on September 11, 2018 and filed under Community, Marmoset.