Chanti Darling's ST*RS Leaves Us Starry-eyed

Directed by Adam R. Garcia + produced by Instrument

Chanti Darling's latest video unveils an intimate look at what the day-to-day looks like for a musical artist, both on and off stage. The music video "ST*RS" opens with Chanti Darling singer, Chanticleer Trü going about his morning routine — the introduction into the actual song is intentionally slow, stretching across the span of close to three minutes. It’s not until this time marker when Trü struts through the scene of Portland's waterfront, revealing his intense closeness to his music.

There’s no one else accompanying the low-key performance, the environments feels freely solitary and serenely quiet, the focus remains on Trü as he organically grabs the viewer's attention. There's an ease and artistic effortlessness about the way Chanti Darling reels the audience in, whether it's on a secluded bridge where no one can bear witness or in front of a crowd.

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The polished recorded version of "ST*RS" comes to the foreground as the waterfront’s raw sounds blur into nonexistence, the music video offers intercutting with Chanti Darling performing on stage at a later time, another place. 

Such juxtaposition offers a taste into what it must feel like being an artist — the constant complexity of wrestling to transcribe ideas into something more concretely tangible to then deliver through a physical performance.

The fact is Chanti Darling delivers on this front effectively, each performance like a spontaneous party that you happened to stumble upon. This kind of magic is what Chanti Darling aims to deliver, the show's core mission to inspire audiences to dance when the moment feels right. 

"ST*RS" and Chanti Darling's debut album, RNB Vol. 1  is live and available for licensing on Marmoset's roster

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