August: New Music Mixtape

Warm weather might be slipping away but this won't stop more new music from pouring into Marmoset. Last month our Artist and Repertoire Team welcomed a handful of new talent to our roster — from the likes of Los Angeles trio band, Coastal Kites (like well-polished jam sessions on an instrumental voyage) to the electronic Latin expressions of PAUZA. Other notable new music we know you'll want to hear:

  • Upbeat, bouncy and plucky strings  listen to  Wayfarer

  • Energetic modern funk, playful RnB — listen to The Commotions

  • Gritty anthems to stir up energy  listen to Dakota Arms

  •  Minimalist punk rock, pensive with a build-up  — listen to Shadowlands

  • Punchy synth, attention-grabbing instrumentals listen to A. Zebra

  • Imaginative folk pop, lively and hopeful listen to Danielle Cormier

  • Electronic hip-hop with beat drops, intense pop synth  — listen to Galoski

  • Reflective indie rock, ooh's and ahh'slisten to Kilcid Band

  • Somber beats, mysterious, with breaks and builduplisten to Denim Dreams

  • American blues, stomps and claps, gritty — listen to Razor Roulette

We've done all the hard work for you, jump right in and start listening to August's New Music Mixtape below.

Posted on August 30, 2018 and filed under Marmoset, Music, Mixtapes.