Artist Spotlight: The Transcending Music of Sol Rising

Sol Rising Marmoset Artist Video.jpg

Music that can take you from place to place could be described as transformational, diversely designed. But what makes Sol Rising music feel transcending?

Appreciative of music as a powerful art form, Marmoset set out to tell the story behind this ranging and all encompassing music — what makes it so consistently magnetic to its listeners despite being played in a variety of environments and audiences.

Sol Rising's music can be heard in yoga studios across the globe, while the same music entices movement and dancing among festival-goers. Its uniqueness feels tied to its ability to jump the planes of what a listener needs, a puzzle piece that feels right depending on the expectations of the audience. 

The journey begins in Los Angeles, California, where Sol Rising creates and produces his music. Here, we follow his journey, opening on his purpose and mission through the work he creates. It's hard to find a place where you wouldn't be able to listen to Sol Rising — play to discover more. 

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Posted on August 3, 2018 and filed under Artist Profile Series, Music, Marmoset, Spotlight: Artists.