Top Picks: We're Obsessed with These Vintage Labels

Sly Stone, musician, songwriter, and producer of the 1960s/1970s. 

Sly Stone, musician, songwriter, and producer of the 1960s/1970s. 

With the surge of vintage revival, old school jams, rock 'n' roll, and soul are rising out of big feature films and hit television soundtracks. There's something special about feeling the time warp via sound, it's much like getting a sneak peek into a different generation and its cultural atmosphere. 

Being admirers of music — all music, especially rare vintage — Marmoset set out on a quest to help timeless, beloved oldies see the light of day once more.  And so our Artist & Repertoire team delivered big

Now with over 550 vintage artists from record labels like FervorSecret Stash, Goldband, Cleopatra Records, Saxony, and the Hadley Murrell Collection, listeners don't even need to dig through dusty crates in their estranged family member's basement. The range of these record labels are especially unique in that our vintage music is mostly not available for standard click licensing — instead, you'll want to reach out to our Creative Music Licensing team to begin that conversation.

We spoke with our very own Repertoire & Roster Coordinator, Farnell Newton to find out what vintage work listeners should check out. Listen to the mixtape here or check out the singles listed below.

"Fatback" by Mr. Wiggles  /// "I Judge the Funk" by Black Ice /// "All Thru the Night" by Eddie Horan ///

"Tonight, I'm Gonna Fall in Love Again" by The Teardrops ///  "Ain't No Time For Stoppin" by Fat City ///

"Do Your Stuff" by Count Rockin Sidney /// "Big Boy" by The Jackson Five /// "Lowrider Rap" by Poor Boy Rappers ///

"Rosina" by Carl Coccomo /// "Afro-Funk" by Peter King 

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