MUNNYCAT Takes LA by Storm

Marmoset's latest artist profile film captures the pulsating energy and electric boldness that is MUNNYCAT. The draw to the musical duo could be linked to their emergence within the Los Angeles scene — a decision they're pursuing full-steam ahead with the little midwest town of Youngstown, Ohio in their rearview mirror. 

With creative direction from Visual Content Director, Josh Brine, this short film unfolds MUNNYCAT's origins story. It's told from the two artists' perspectives — Khaled and Katianne being our West Coast guides as they party beneath the Hollywood sign. 

Their larger than life presence shining through, this short film feels like a mini-adventure spanning across the city. As we discover just how much music and production are embedded in MUNNYCAT's DNA, it's hard to imagine them doing anything other than making music; and it's even more difficult envisioning the duo living anywhere else, other than the bright and bustling city of Los Angeles. 

Nothing is off limits to the artist couple here. And with LA being their new stomping grounds — this is just the beginning. 

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