June: New Music Mixtape

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Just like diving into a swimming pool (or lake, beach, whatever body of water you prefer), our June new artists and music mixtape will make a splash. Dad jokes aside, we welcome several new artists this month to our family, handpicking some of our faves to June's New Music Mixtape. Listen below or search for them on our roster

These emerging artists include electronic/indie rock, Slow Corpse — their dreamy melodic vibes channeling the pluckiness and whimsical vibes of Elton John's Honky Château. 

  • If you only listen to one song by Slow Corpse, make it this one: "Cruel

Other newcomers include composer Valdi Sabev — work that sounds equally transcending and modern. From rising crescendos to steady energy, there's a variety to choose from depending on your project's needs.

  • If you only listen to one song by Valdi Sabev, make it this one: "Formless"

Straight out of Nashville, Tennessee, JM-N joins June "new" list with their modern pop sound. Think Ariana Grande meets Sia with the band's powerful demonstration of vocals, to poppy upbeat synths. we're excited for this dynamic group as they only released their debut album last year (2017).

  • If you only listen to one song by JM-N, make it this one: "Be Alright"

Northwest composer and Marmoset artist, Jim Casella

Northwest composer and Marmoset artist, Jim Casella

Portland based composer, Jim Casella provides a examples with his work — from worldly synth (check out "Tooth Traffic Montage") to jazzy percussions. Here's an artist who knows how to keep you on your toes.

  • If you listen to one song by Jim Casella, make it this one: "Running Late"

Switching gears, we look to newcomer (new to Marmoset), Abstract Source. Serving listeners a mix of energetic EDM to electronic orchestral music, notes of soulfulness can be found throughout their work.

Electronic beats artist, Lewis Harris' music is a combination of dance, lo-fi, and hip-hop. Mostly instrumentals, listeners can find traces of Harris old school hip-hop inspiration within his work. 

  • If you only listen to one song by Lewis Harris, make it this one: "Argyle"

Our must-listen-to picks for fresh vintage are "Congratulations" by disco sensation, Angela Davis, "Burning Love" by Tim Chandell. Want to hear more? Head over to June's New Music Mixtape for other new music this month. 

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