Cinco de Mayo Tribute Mixtape

Cinco de Mayo Marmoset.jpg

While Cinco de Mayo isn't traditionally a "big deal" among Mexican families, it's somehow largely leaked into Western culture, being adopted as somewhat of a "party day." It's a slippery slope, often sliding into territory that often perpetuates harmful stereotypes — we're going to say it — in a way that just needs to stop.

We get it, there are plenty of highlights that stand out within this vibrant culture: mariachi bands are magical, tamales and tacos are addicting, sombreros look "fun." But a friendly reminder these aren't props (don't even think about wearing that fake mustache). 

So even if not of Mexican heritage, one can still join in the celebration in a number of ways, responsibly, and intelligently.

On our end, we're taking the day to honor the Mexican-American artists who create and construct compelling music while offering a wide variation of genres. Check out our Cinco de Mayo Tribute mixtape below:

Posted on May 4, 2018 and filed under Music, Mixtapes, Marmoset.