Spring Break in the Marmoset World: Oh the Places We'll Go

The call of Spring has us wanting to tour and travel the world. For us here at Marmoset, it means marketing trips galore, spotlighting artists at festivals, and of course, getting out of the office to pursue some personal adventures. Here are some of the places we've visited for our "spring break." Maybe we even came to your city?

Los Angeles, California

Nichole "Mitch" Barrett, Software Engineer, spent some time in sunny Los Angeles, California. She captured her adventure the old school way — with a disposable camera. "My favorite part of the trip was the end of the first day when my three friends and I went to Wi Spa in Koreatown," she says. "We spent two blissful hours soaking and sauna-ing after a day full of travel and activities."

Nicole Mitch Marmoset.jpg
"This is a back-alley in Venice, I was in love with the palm trees and fruit trees everywhere."

"This is a back-alley in Venice, I was in love with the palm trees and fruit trees everywhere."


Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico

Euri Park, Digital Strategist, made her way to a sunshine paradise — aka Sayulita, a village off of Mexico's Pacific Coast. "Best moment of the trip was trekking to a smaller, neighboring beach and seeing some local teenagers hang out," says Euri. "Two couples and one dog made their way over on paddle-boards. They were clearly good friends and their dog couldn’t have been more content playing fetch with a fallen coconut. No gift shop, no tour guide, just some sweet young kids and a very water-friendly dog enjoying this beautiful beach in their backyard."

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Joshua Tree, California

Marilynn Wexler, Music Licensing Coordinator, trekked over to botanical paradise, Joshua Tree to hang out with family. "I grew up going to Joshua Tree with my parents," she says. "So it was really special to share such an important place from my childhood with my partner."

Marilynn Marmoset
Marilynn Marmoset
Marilynn Marmoset

Copenhagen, Denmark + London, England

Jessica Cassidy, Director of Marketing, embarked on an epic trip overseas. "My favorite part of the trip was getting to show Eric and Tim some of my favorite parts of the city from when I studied abroad there in college," says Jess. "They probably didn't care about my random architecture 'fun facts' but I had to take them to the falafel and salt beef bagel stand at Borough Market and to shop at Brick Lane."

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London Rough Trade Records Marmoset.JPG
Copenhagen Spring Break Marmoset.JPG

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Casey Wheeler, Music Licensing Coordinator, travelled to the unforgettable city of Abu Dhabi where she explored the the rolling sand dunes and Sheikh Zayed Mosque. She even made camel friends! 

"My dad is currently living in Abu Dhabi where he is serving as the CEO of Special Olympics Abu Dhabi. My favorite part of the trip was spending time at the Qasar Al Sarab resort which is located in the Liwa Oasis; it's hard to describe how beautiful it is — being surrounded by the sand dunes and seeing the night sky full of stars was absolutely breathtaking. We also took a camel ride at sunrise and it was perfect. It's a trip I'll never forget and I'm looking forward to going back for the 2019 Summer World Games!"

Marmoset Spring Break Casey Music Licensing .JPG
Marmoset Spring Break Casey Music.JPG
Casey Wheeler Marmoset.JPG
Casey Marmoset Spring Break Journal.JPG

Boise, Idaho

Laura Hardin, Label Manager, hopped over to Boise, Idaho for Treefort Music Festival. With five days jammed packed with shows and activities, Laura still made time to stop by Marmoset's Creative Licensing Panel, catch a performance by Frankie Simone, and even fit in some hiking.

Laura Hardin Marmoset.JPG
Laura Hardin Marmoset Treefort.JPG
Laura Hardin Marmoset Spring Break.JPG
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Puglia, Italy

Josh Brine, Visual Content Director, embarked on an overseas holiday to Puglia, Italy with his wife Michelle. They luckily ran into a spot with Wifi to send over these stunning snapshots. We can't contain our jealousy!

Marmoset Music Spring Break Josh Brine.JPG
Josh Brine Marmoset Spring Break Italy.JPG
Josh Brine Marmoset Spring Break.JPG

Has your wanderlust intensified? Don't worry, ours has too.  

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