Marmoset Celebrates National Volunteer Month by Giving Back

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Music and Community

are two things Marmoset is all about. The company being founded on values to always 'do the right thing' — but what does this mean exactly? 






When you walk through the entrance of Marmoset (below our purple sign), you'll be greeted by hustling creatives who not only admire great music, but also the artists behind the work.

It's something you might not commonly find in the music industry (or perhaps most trades) — this sincerity to do right by others, a comprehension and appreciation that we're all working together. 

This extends beyond the day to day duties taking place within its office walls — it's in the other initiatives Marmoset plays a hand in. And because April is National Volunteer month, we're pausing the music focused posts for just a minute, directing the spotlight to the organizations and charities that give back in huge ways. 

Just in 2017, Marmoset helped support the following organizations through donations and volunteer time:

The most exciting thing about National Volunteer Month for Marmoset? The company rolled out a new policy for its employees this year — Volunteer Day Off. This designated day allows every  Marmoset employee to volunteer their time at any organization of their choosing, every quarter. If plugging the numbers into your calculator, this comes to eight hours per person x's four times a year = 32 hours total. Multiple this by how many people who work for Marmoset, this comes to 1,600 hours of giving back annually.

And keep in mind this would be the bare minimum of volunteering during the week. So in a way, it's just the starting line, a prompt to get us moving in the right direction. Challenge accepted.

Have an awesome charity or volunteer story you want to share with us? Or maybe you know of an organization you'd like us to keep on our radar? Submit it below! 

Posted on April 11, 2018 and filed under Spotlight: Marmoset, Community.