Design Week Closing Night: Community & Arts Celebrated at Marmoset

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That's a wrap for Portland's Design Week. The week-long program consisted of various creative, educational and networking opportunities sprinkled across the city of Portland — stemming to expected activities like workshops focused on design, to the less obvious, like talks centered around Generation Z in the face of future consumerism. In summation, it's an annual initiative for the community to get involved and exchange creative outlooks to anyone and everyone.

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With Marmoset hosting the Design Week Closing Party, attendees knew music was going to be involved in some shape or form. Kicking off the evening was a mix of vintage beats and soulful jams by DJ Black Daria as she drummed up magic on the turntables — setting the mood just right. Attendees even witnessed a DJ set from Marmoset's CEO and co-founder, Ryan Wines. 

As the fashionable crowd filled up the industrial space, the disco ball made a shiny appearance within the moody venue, casting specs of dancing light on partygoers. Drinks in hand, many mingled among the lofty space or headed to the patio space for a tarot card readings and ping pong. 

All this mind, there's no question about the evening's brightest highlight: Siren and the Sea taking the stage — their dance-worthy set enticing the crowd to sway and move. 

For those who didn't get a chance to attend the sold out event, you can recreate the night by playing Siren and the Sea from home. We recommend blessing your ears with The Wait and Snake River

Marmoset Siren and the Sea.jpg
Posted on April 23, 2018 and filed under Marmoset, Music, Spotlight: Marmoset, Community.