LIVE In The Great NorthWesty: Music Shows on the Go

Ryan Rebo and Casey Wheeler in front of the vintage Westfalia

Ryan Rebo and Casey Wheeler in front of the vintage Westfalia

The channels for spotting a performance by one’s favorite artist are endless — there’s touring, Instagram stories, live streaming, music videos, Spotify, and… we’re confident there’s more. But what’s the best way to ruminate in music and really dig deep into an artist’s work? How about upclose in the back of an early 1980s Westfalia van?

LIVE in the Great NorthWesty Marmoset Music

This is what Marmoset's Software Engineer Ryan Rebo and Music Licensing Coordinator Casey Wheeler are setting out to do with their immersive project, LIVE in the Great NorthWesty. Prior to collaborating, the two co-founders had been mulling over the idea separately, with little knowledge they soon would join forces.

With Casey already hosting living room shows, the concept to take these performances elsewhere was something she always entertained, yet hadn't pinpointed the jumping off point to make it happen. After all, the location had to be purposeful enough to appeal to the artist and fans alike. Identifying the “unique” factor was still something to be ironed out.

“I had been hosting living room shows in my home for five or so years now and kind of wanted to expand.” says Casey. “Then I had this thought about doing something with Marmoset artists, so when Rebo brought up his idea to me, it just kind of all felt natural.”

Separately but at the exact same time, Ryan had a lightbulb moment. “My best friend was visiting from Montana and we were hanging out at Marmoset when we decided to drive to New Seasons for lunch,” says Ryan. “On the way back, I was looking in my rear view mirror at the back and thought ‘it’d be really cool to have musicians play in here’.”

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With the two working under the same roof at Marmoset and the dapper orange Westfalia being the missing piece of the puzzle, both soon discovered their shared vision. In 2017, LIVE in the Great NorthWesty came into fruition.

With the small “studio” being on wheels, the two person team began scouting interesting and attention-grabbing locations where they could park the van for their music sessions; the idea was to keep the performances on the go, either traveling to the musician or having an interesting meeting point. The flexibility element was a success, with artists big and small gravitating to the project.

The heart and fuel of the performances came down to conveying something listeners may not fully get when attending a live show at a sold out concert. “There’s something really special about seeing an artist in that kind of environment rather than being at a big venue, it’s more intimate and personal,” says Casey. “And in doing these shows specifically, Ryan does a really great job with the recordings where you can really hear the emotion behind everything.”

Stay up to date with the project as it continues to feature upcoming and trending artists on tour by following their Instagram (@greatnorthwesty) and YouTube channel

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