Blossom: Owning Her Place in Music

Blossom Marmoset Artist Profile Series
Creating my music comes from an authentic place. It’s reflective of who I am, my roots, my story. My approach in music is with intentionality and purpose. It’s what I apply to all areas of my life. That’s where this genuineness comes into play: I want to be behind my music without any reservations.
— Blossom

Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Blossom was nurtured in music at a youthful age. Drawn to the calling of singing and dancing, her family soon enough had a large collection of her impromptu dance sessions in their living room — all captured on their VHS recorder. 

In her journey as a singer, songwriter, and performer, Blossom has dabbled in everything from playing steel drums to being in an R&B girl group in Los Angeles. While there isn't a clear A to B line of success, it was all the in-between that tells Blossom's story, leading to her arrival and emergence as the artist she is today. 

We're proud to feature Blossom as our second artist in our artist profile series for 2018. Check out the full film below and follow the link to more of Blossom's music.