Artist Spotlight: Natasha Kmeto

Photo credit: Alex Vicari

Photo credit: Alex Vicari

Natasha Kmeto is infectiously bold, living her truth while encouraging others to do what makes them happy. It's a message of positivity, but also social responsibility. And yes, we're all about it. 

Gearing up for her spring lineup, listeners will have the opportunity to catch Kmeto perform on stage once again — and we highly encourage catching her live. Much like how spring emotes a feeling of starting anew and coming to life again, the singer channels this burst of strength. It's like arriving at a new season in one's life. This perhaps radiates from Kmeto's purposeful mission to explore inward, question old methods, and to invite in new possibilities. 

"The music I'm currently working on is definitely reflecting where I'm at currently in my life, as it has always tended to be," says Kmeto. "I've kind of taken a break from playing as many shows and writing as much to take time to further explore myself and my identity, which has been hugely inspiring; I wish I had done this sooner."

Photo credit: Alex Vicari

Photo credit: Alex Vicari

With deep roots in musical collaboration (first finding a footing in bands) and vast influences, Kmeto continually challenges listeners with her blend of genres, often fusing electronic sounds with powerful and soulful vocals. And while her music carries dance elements, there's careful storytelling going on behind the scenes. It's the byproduct of someone who's intentional, an artist who's in tune with what works but doesn't sacrifice their mission or what resonates to their message. 

With an inclination for genuineness, Kmeto's recent music is about self-assurance, to be comfortable in decisions. It's a moment of liberation that radiates to the watchful audience. When asked about identifying the classification of her own music, Kmeto notes, "I'm enjoying embracing my penchant for minimalism and finding new nuance in my voice. Recently, I've been heavily influenced by a lot of post-punk, dark R&B and techno."

Kmeto champions in a world dominated or often overshadowed by men — one might say her growing presence as a producer, songwriter, and singer contributes in normalizing the multifaceted, talented women working within music production. It's something that takes conscious efforts and strides but it's imperative and inspirational to see when being put into action by proponents such as Kmeto. And how to pinpoint this fuel propelling the artist forward?

"I'm really blessed to have a strong community of people to share inspiration, thoughts, ideas and love with.  We're all here for each other and that gives us all so much strength.  Also, the pursuit of having a stronger relationship with myself has made me more unapologetic in my expression, even if it's outside of whatever the "normal narrative" is.  It's like I don't even see that anymore.  I'm just doing me."

If visiting the Northwest, you can catch Natasha Kmeto perform at Holocene on Thursday, April 19th in Portland, Oregon. Or catch her live in Seattle, Washington at Nectar Lounge on Thursday, June 7th. Keep slated on her other upcoming shows here as they're announced for 2018!

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