Spotlighting Marmoset's Movers & Shakers: Madeline

Madeline Dowling is a jetsetting, personable, talented music industry pro who makes friends wherever she goes. Before coming onboard at Marmoset, she took on reputable roles at creative agencies such as the likes of McGarryBowen, Format Agency, and Chop Shop Music Supervision. The shorter version? Madeline is magic.

Madeline Marmoset Spotlight

Since we’ve dedicated this month to highlighting Marmoset’s talented movers and shakers, we’re taking a moment to digitally high-five Madeline and showcase some of her recent creative happenings. Returning back to the office this week, she’s jumped from speaking at Durango Songwriters Expo, hopping on a plane to visit creative agencies in LA, and finally wrapping up the journey as a panelist at Lightspark in Salt Lake City.

“It was the best — just a lot of fun,” Madeline shares. “My group had four (including me) really interesting people. James Tanner of Burnett Music Group, Tyler Glenn, the lead keyboardist and vocalist from Neon Trees, and Rob Cavallo, co-founder and CEO of 432 Records.”  

Madeline Dowling Marmoset Lightspark

If you haven’t heard of Lightspark and live in the Salt Lake City region, or even just plan to visit next year — stay tuned! This was the second annual media summit the community organized to aid creatives in networking and expanding their horizons within the media world. “The whole concept is that Salt Lake City has these really creative people, but they often need to leave in order to pursue a career in media,” says Madeline. “The Summit is pretty much a grassroots movement to build this creative community in their backyard.”

Now that she’s back at Marmoset Headquarters, what’s next? 

This month, you can catch Madeline share her industry knowledge and experiences at the upcoming, WomenCrush Music gala in Portland, Oregon. As this will mark the initiative’s One Year Anniversary, the agenda will be all about promoting and supporting female creatives in Portland's blossoming entertainment scene.

Along with an impressive list of musical acts, expect wisdom shared by keynote speakers like Madeline and Ashley Kervabon, the founder of WomenCrush Music. “I’ll be talking about how building a network of women is one of the best ways to succeed,” Madeline says. “I want to share my experience in how you don’t need to compete with other women, how we disproportionately face imposter syndrome.”

Atop the empowering theme for the night, attendees can expect cool music, a range of delicacies developed and sold by women-owned businesses, nail art on-site, astrology and more. To check out more details and grab some tickets, follow the purple link!

Thanks for tuning in. We'll continue sprinkling in some Marmoset spotlights in between calling out the mindblowing music and artists. 

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