Let's Celebrate Women

Blossom (center) with backup singers Janae Ball (left) and Erika Nathanielsz-Bowden (right).   Photo by Portland photographer Lisa Pardo.

Blossom (center) with backup singers Janae Ball (left) and Erika Nathanielsz-Bowden (right). Photo by Portland photographer Lisa Pardo.

While we don't need a reason to honor women, March is in fact Women's History Month. So if you're not already highlighting the many and vast contributions women have made throughout history, now is the time. Not sure where to start when learning about the championing trailblazers who make up 49.55% of the world's population? Go ahead and just look around you. 

While we encourage learning about women such as Jackie Joyner-Kersee — a six-time Olympic medalist who's considered to be one of the greatest female athletes of all time — it doesn't take a shiny medal to represent greatness. There is empowerment, positivity, and impact that's achieved in small pieces, building blocks put into place every day by women who often go unnoticed. This is that pause in time to call out their achievements.

We see you. Thank you for enduring, leading, and putting change in motion for those following in your footsteps. 

As we take this month for celebration and active learning, we invite you to enjoy the latest "Women's History Month: Hip Hop Edition" mixtape — featuring some of our noteworthy female artists like BlossomJackie Hill PerryMichele Wylen, and other reigning queens. 

Posted on March 8, 2018 and filed under Marmoset, Artist Spotlights.