Eyes On Our Visual Content Team

Josh and Kristen Visual Content Team.jpg

If you've visited Marmoset's homepage, you may have already discovered the "daily office life" film playing across the top banner. Perhaps you've stumbled upon the  2018 reel we just released or seen the short films highlighting the creative artists of Marmoset — like our recent one debuting the personal story of Luz (from Y La Bamba). If you haven't caught onto these "subtle" clues, we're hinting at how much visual content can illustrate a company's brand, to paint the big picture. 

'Where does it all come from?' You may be pondering. 

The creative forces behind these projects are the talented Josh Brine, Visual Content Director, supported by producer extraordinaire, Kristen Mico, Marmoset's Visual Content Intern. 

With the dream team's extensive background in filmmaking and producing, they're undoubtedly equipped to handle anything thrown their way: from tight deadlines to creative road bumps. But what's it like jumping on a plane after filming in one city, only to then hop on another plane to film elsewhere — all within a 48 hour turnaround? 

This is the reality of our Visual Content team next week when they jetset to Treefort Music Fest to film Sol Rising in Boise, Idaho, before starting the second leg of filming in Los Angeles for the creative production of MUNNYCAT

Pink convertible.jpg

It's a nonstop production, which means there's careful planning involved to ensure filming is seamless. It's something that requires a producer's foresight and anticipation that anything could go wrong — like knowing to have a backup when the pink convertible booked for the shoot gets wrecked in an accident (we didn't do it). 

With moments like this to keep our Visual Content team on their toes, we know their adventure will be anything but boring. 

Besides running around during location scouting or tackling the shot list, there remains that drive to ensure successful production — "I always look forward to having fun with our artists; getting to know them more and bringing something to life we have worked on together for months prior to production," says Josh. "Oh, and the margaritas. All the margaritas."

Stay tuned on our Instagram for a surprise guest takeover in the next week — we'll be highlighting Josh and Kristen on their travels, along with the amazing artists they'll be collaborating with. 

Posted on March 23, 2018 and filed under Filmmaking, Spotlight: Marmoset.