30 Songs in Celebration of Women's History Month

International Womens Day Marmoset.jpg

You might call it a small piece of dedication or tribute to what March represents, but it's really beyond that. The latest mixtape is a collaborative effort garnering the work of great, influential artists working alongside Marmoset — some who just happen to be women. 

From the fiery spoken word poetry by Andrea Gibson to the dreamy pop vocals of front vocalist,  Sigrid Aase (of Oslo-based band, Hajk) — it's clear how much of a presence and impact women have made in the music industry. 

If looking for something on a different wavelength, skip to the soulful sensations by Martha High and Danii Roundtree. Either way, this mixtape's scope is wide, encompassing every kind of genre you might be craving. 

Get your listen on by following the link below:

Posted on March 21, 2018 and filed under Mixtapes, Music, Marmoset, Community.