Super Bowl Spotlight: Dodge Goes Fast & Furious

If you're not tuning into Super Bowl Sunday for the football, then it's all about the spectacular showcase of top-notch commercials. 

We teamed up with Dodge this year — "Empty Streets" focusing on the other side of game day: when everyone's pregaming or glued to their TV. It's that gleeful feeling discovering you've got the entire city to yourself. 

The commercial starts with family and friends gathering together for the Super Bowl, "Attempt To Be Poetic" by Keen Collective serving as the inspirational buildup. It's perfect for what comes next.

Switching gears, Dodge takes it to the next level, showing what we all secretly would love to do when driving through a ghost town: cutting corners fast, zooming "slightly" above the city's speed limit. 

We're glad to go along for the ride, but we'll leave the adrenaline-pumping driving to Dodge — and forgo that expensive speeding ticket. 

Posted on February 3, 2018 and filed under Marmoset, Filmmaking, Music.