Nicola Cruz's Carefully Crafted Colibria

In Marmoset artist Nicola Cruz’s music video, “Colibria”, we fall into a trance under the unfolding hyper visuals. The project is equally explorative in its on-screen story and the song’s electronic construct — we’re given a haunting piece of art that’s beautifully invested in Cruz’s cultural background. From the film’s intentional art direction to the spiritual lyrics, every element serves its purpose. 

Cruz’s style is a musical combination of electronic and folk; it’s a refreshing union between old and new. The qualities found in Cruz’s sound become even more enthralling when digging deeper into his roots — the artist's Ecuadorian heritage inherently present within his approach and composition of music. There’s an effortless sense of innovation in the Cruz's music, with a distinct fingerprint of identify and self-awareness.

The music video also features haunting vocals from Huaira (Daniela Baquero), her sound vibrating through the piece as she embodies a version of the “Mother Earth” deity.

You can listen to more Nicola Cruz by following our link below:

Posted on February 14, 2018 and filed under Marmoset, Music.