Light The Night Walk Is Just Around the Corner

Finding even a little bit of light in the dark can be enough to get someone through the most challenging of moments. It’s something the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society recognizes too, hosting the Light The Night every year — and this week, on the night of October 27th the walk will be held in Portland, Oregon.

If not familiar with Light The Night, it’s an essential fundraising event for the LLS, helping the organization fund around 300 active cancer research projects, along with helping more than 55,000 patients on the journey of affording treatment. In preparation of the big night, private assembled and corporate teams are calling on friends, family and supporters to donate to the cause.

Of course Team Marmoset is hitting the pavement on the upcoming rainy evening of October 27th, walking hand in hand with the rest of the community. Just like in the startup days, Marmoset knows how to get crafty, raising funds for the team by throwing a Flapjack + Mimosa Palooza at their headquarters. With flapjacks and champagne corks flying through the air and of course, music being provided by an in-house DJ, the Marmoset Team aims big to get their team funded.

And of course, our team would love to grow — want to participate in the walk? Sign up and join Team Marmoset here. Can’t participate but would like to donate to the team (donations go straight to the LLS) — click here.

Marmoset Music

Posted on October 26, 2018 and filed under Community, Music.