Liberating Music One Play at a Time

Two months, 4.3 million plays — each hit a ripple effect for doing something good in a stranger’s life. This is what the music community is all about.

We’re referring to the “Music Liberates Music” movement where members of Marmoset’s A&R team had an opportunity to work closely with Bacardi; the overall mission entailed scouting undiscovered talent and emerging artists based out of the Caribbean, who would then be featured in Bacardi's brand campaign.

The project came to life when Bacardi created a dream team with both Major Lazer and Spotify. It was a program aimed to spotlight and support the smaller artist and it was a simple, no frills kind of plan: for every time someone plays Major Lazer’s track ‘Front of the Line’ on Spotify, Bacardi would then donate studio time for those emerging Caribbean artists. So with 50 plays equating to approximately one second of studio time, what was the final tally?

127 hours, 57 minutes and 47 seconds

Check out the final tracks on Spotify right here.

Posted on January 24, 2018 and filed under Marmoset, Music.