January Review: New Artist Roundup

Marmoset new artsts journal.jpg

January has come and gone and whether or not you’ve stuck with your New Year resolutions, it’s time to say hello to our good pal, February. It was a memorable month for music, welcoming the likes of soulful greats — vintage and new — starting with an impressive list of 60’s jams from Goldband Records, like Chester Randle’s Soul Senders and Count Rockin Sidney.  Along with our newly founded vintage sounds from Secret Stash, I guess you could say our 60’s + 70’s collection is bursting from the seams. 

A leap over to modern times, Fritzwa joined the Marmoset roster with her R&B, jazz, and soul creations. We can’t get enough of this artist (check out our recent writeup about her creative processes here). For a dose of existential funk, we present L.A.’s Goldwash — we recommend starting with “Why Hide It” and savoring the rest from there. 

Hailing from the indie pop scene, we welcomed two Portland based bands, Kissing Book and Age Sex Occupation to the Marmoset family. Pivoting directions, Toronoto's INTERNET DAUGHTER makes her roster debut with her hip hop, rap infused beats.

Dive right in and listen to January's versatile collection below:

Posted on January 29, 2018 and filed under Marmoset, Music.