Google's Honest and Heartfelt Tribute to 2017

Teaming up with the creatives at 72andSunny for Google’s latest Year in Search campaign allowed us an opportunity to reflect back one last time before cartwheeling into our New Year’s resolutions. “Revelstoke,” composed by Fields, leads as the opener, serving as the energetic arc for puzzlement and curiosity. This emotive song is one of many from Northwest based composer, Kevin Matley, who masterfully instills a cinematic undertone throughout his work. Ultimately the music within Year in Search provides the perfect backdrop for this emotional and liberating reel - it’s fitting really, the beginning of 2017 was a mixture of uncertainty and adventurousness for a ton of folks.

"How to" seems to be the opening recurring phrase to our big questions this past year; it’s an empowering statement whether the Google searcher knows it or not. The story unfolds over 2017, from the ‘down in the mud’ moments to equally unforgettable victories. Before we realize it, we’re carried into an introspective mood as the music shifts then rises, a great example how much music can contribute to a story. As events are punctuated by the ebb and flow of the instrumentals, Google’s campaign poignantly reminds us to apply what we’ve learned, equipping us with wisdom to navigate through new experiences.

Year in Search isn’t just a recap, it’s a reminder of how to move forward and onward. We’re reminded of our strength in numbers, moments where compassion shined in the most unlikely of places. It’s projects like this where our gratitude swells at our community of artists, where we can proudly acknowledge a musician's contribution to something impactful. Whether 2017 was a year you wish to forget or a year you’ll never want to forget, may we all fiercely embrace how to be better.

Posted on January 10, 2018 and filed under Marmoset, Music, Shared Work.