Welcoming 15 Extraordinary Artists from Village Green Recordings

Sometimes searching for the perfect ambient song can lead you down a rabbit hole of no return, left with nothing but ears echoing with airy synths and maybe a mind full of rumination. Village Green Recordings is the cure to this conundrum. Curating some of the brightest minds in cinematic composition and herding them into one sonic sanctuary, Village Green is changing the way we think about classical and electronic music. We couldn’t be happier to welcome these incredible musicians to our roster -- meet the artists of Village Green Recordings.  

Scoring over 130 films and working with recording artists like Patti Smith, Nick Cave and Elliott Smith, Matt Dunkley is seated among the few magnificent, prolific composers of our time. We are honored to have a piece of his prestigious songography in our collection.

With an extensive background in scoring for picture -- including Florian Hoffmeister's 3° kälter and Antonia Bird's The Village -- Adrian Corker produces deep, cinematic compositions that move audiences and complete narratives.


Rumored to be an inspiration for the likes of Radiohead and Steve Reich, Ben Chatwin’s music has been described as making “dense and dark ambient compositions that aspire to take in the beauty and chaos of the cosmos.”


A prolific composer, David John Sheppard uses his virtuoso ability to master nearly any instrument to create countless compositions ranging across cinematic, electronic and organic genres. He also crafts whimsical creations under the moniker Snow Palms.

Angèle David-Guillou’s mastery of her instrument manifests itself in her vast collection of elegant, piano-based compositions, occasionally graced by her angelic, captivating vocals.


A knack for experimentation and a fusion of world influences is what sets London-based composer Chris Morphitis apart from him peers. From scoring a Ridley Scott film to working with Kenya's Owiny Sigoma Band, his experience and talent spans far and wide.


Mirroring the calm serenity that characterizes the quiet English countryside where they reside, Anna Rose Carter and Ed Hamilton blend classical, ambient and electro-acoustic influences to create ambient gold.


From collaborating with Radiohead to winning the PRS Foundation New Music Award for his work on the art installation, The Fragmented Orchestra, John Matthias's compositional excellence shines through in his breadth of folk, ambient and orchestral work.

Tim and Rupert, the mysterious duo behind Soft Error combine slow-burning sounds of the digital world with grainy synths and soft waves of piano.


Much like the twinkling rain showers that graze his town of Bristol, England, Ryan Teague’s atmospheric compositions invoke pensive rumination and a slight air of mystery.


Hill uses unconventional methods of instrumentation -- including typewriters, wildlife recordings, and piano notes altered by screws, nails and cardigans (yes cardigans) -- to craft his cinematic compositions. His music has been used to help with stories for Doctor Who, The Genius Behind and Beyond.


Born in Moscow, Ilya Beshevli creates beautiful classical piano compositions, following in the tradition of the brilliant Russian composers before him.


Pete Astor and Dave Sheppard of Ellis Island produce experimental, progressive sounds from the ‘70s and beyond, leaning heavily on the sounds of Krautrock, rock ‘n’ roll’s psychedelic West German step brother.


Hobden, the violinist for the indie-rock group Noah and the Whale, and James, an award-winning music producer who's worked with the likes of Kaiser Chiefs, Two Door Cinema Club and Bloc Party, join forces to create gorgeous orchestral arrangements.

Posted on March 14, 2017 .