Marmoset Artists to Watch at SXSW

As the annual smorgasbord of art, film and music that is South by Southwest kicks off, we’ll be living vicariously through our artists who will be making an appearance  in Austin, Texas this week. While we’re sure your schedules are jam packed with bands you know and love, it’s always exciting to discover an emerging artist. Here’s a list of Marmoset artists who will be taking the stage, when you can catch them play, and most notably, why you should go.


Chain Wallet at Lucille

Mar 16, 2017

8pm - 8:40pm

Chain Wallet at the Sidewinder Outside

Mar 18, 2017

8:55pm - 9:35pm

Why? This trio is traveling all the way from Norway to bring their dreamy shoegaze pop to you.


Ben Aqua at Barcelona

Mar 18, 2017

1am - 1:50am

Why? The EDM pioneer has been formally thanked for “keeping Austin weird.

Roselit Bone


Roselit Bone at Maggie Mae’s

Mar 16, 2017

1am - 1:45am

Why? The band members have deemed their genre “psychotic, apocalyptic cowboy music.”


Eshon Burgundy at Promiseland Church

Mar 17, 2017

9:45pm - 10pm

Why? Flawless lyricism, gospel elements and gritty beats has led this hip-hop producer to a Stellar “Album of the Year” nomination.

Posted on March 13, 2017 .