Introducing SKLLY: Power Pop with a Punch

Bess Rogers started writing music at the age of 13, which started her down the path to becoming the musical chameleon that she is today. With three solo albums and a handful of side collaboration projects under her belt, Rogers has the unique gift of being a musical shape-shifter, allowing her to write on almost any instrument and in nearly any genre. This coveted talent is made evident in her latest project, SKLLY, a power pop collaboration with fellow friends and musicians, Lelia Broussard and Royce Whittaker.

Listen to SKLLY

Listen to SKLLY

The project came to fruition almost by accident when the three got together in LA this past year.

“We scheduled three days to write together without knowing what we were going to create,” Rogers says. “In those three days we ended up writing and recording the three tunes that make up our first SKLLY EP! It all happened very naturally and without any planning.”

The ease and efficiency in which the trio were able to produce this in-your-face, anthemic EP is probably due to a combination of collaborative history and musical chemistry. “Lelia and I have been touring and writing buddies for the past seven years,” Rogers explained. “And Lelia and Royce are in a new band together called Jupiter Winter.”

The melding of the minds and talents of these three forces of nature resulted in SKLLY, a hard rocking, unapologetic power pop/punk fusion, described by Rogers as “White Stripes meets Charlie XCX.” With distorted vocals, brazen guitar riffs and punchy hooks, we’re stoked to welcome SKILLY to the Marmoset community. Listen below and enjoy.

Posted on April 13, 2017 .